CYTO 2022 Workshop- Engaging the un-Engaged and How to Keep Them

CYTO 2022 Workshop- Engaging the un-Engaged and How to Keep Them

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Lead Speaker: Gelo De la Cruz

Gelo dela Cruz is the Flow Cytometry Platform manager at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine (reNEW) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Prior to reNEW, Gelo worked at the flow cytometry core facilities of the German Cancer Research Center and the New York University Cancer Institute. His work in the past 10 years has been in developmental biology and stem cell research and has been co-author and acknowledged in several publications. Gelo has been an active ISAC member and a CYTO Conference attendee since 2011 and was an ISAC SRL Emerging Leader (2015-2019). He has served in different committees (Education Committee, Meetings Committee, CYTO Youth, and Associated Societies subcommittees) and currently is the chair of the Education Shared Resource Laboratory Content subcommittee. Gelo is also active in the Danish Society for Flow Cytometry and is the chairperson of the board (2019-2022). Gelo holds a degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and a Specialist in Cytometry certification, SCYM(ASCP), from the American Society for Clinical Pathology. 

Additional Speakers: Alfonso Blanco and Lourdes Arriaga-Pizano

CMLE Credit: 1.0


CYTO 2022 Workshop
Recorded 09/07/2022
Recorded 09/07/2022
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11 Questions
11 Questions CMLE Evaluation Form
Completion Credit
1.00 CMLE credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 CMLE credit  |  Certificate available