Growing a High-Tech Microfluidics Company: From Lab Bench to Market

Growing a High-Tech Microfluidics Company: From Lab Bench to Market

Recorded On: 04/28/2018

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The Presenter

Vivienne Williams
Cellix Ltd.

Emmanuelle Deponge

Session Summary

The aim of this tutorial is to give an insight from both the entrepreneurs’ and investors’ perspective in starting and growing a high-tech company. Vivienne will present an overview of Cellix’s history, expertise, developed products, and how their R&D was financed through fundraising and national and European grants. Pros and cons will be highlighted along the way. In particular, Vivienne will share her experiences in growing a company focused on high-tech product development, the biotech axioms and landmines, helpful hints from an entrepreneurs’ perspective on company structure, marketing and sales (including establishment of a network of distributors), the importance of IP protection for small companies, and raising finance.

The venture capitalist (VC) perspective will focus on the challenges faced by a start-up company to follow the winding path from the idea to the market. The manager’s skills and his/her human quality are one of the most important and most difficult part to be addressed by VCs before investing in a start-up company. The challenges are everywhere for the manager: on product development, business, competitive environment, recruitment, and people motivation. The role of the VCs is to provide funds to the company and share his/her experience gained with other start-up companies. The VCs have also a listening role of the managers who are usually alone to take the final decisions, sometimes difficult ones. This role is possible if a good relationship has been built along the way of the investment story.

CMLE Credit: 1.0


Growing a High-Tech Microfluidics Company: From Lab Bench to Market
Recorded 04/28/2018
Recorded 04/28/2018 A CYTO 2018 Scientific Tutorial by Vivienne Williams & Emmanuelle Deponge
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11 Questions CMLE Evaluation Form
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1.00 CMLE credit  |  Certificate available