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Cell Microsystems brings innovation to single cell biology, 2D and 3D cell culture, and cloning workflows.  Our CellRaft™ technology enables users to automatically image, sort, and isolate single cells, small colonies, or organoids. 

By gently sorting on our CytoSort™ Arrays, cells are more viable and have less perturbed phenotypes compared to traditional methods.  Collect single cells of interest for downstream analysis, propagate on the array to generate clonal colonies, or culture long term to grow 3D organoids. Imaging allows users to verify clonality, select based on morphology/kinetics, perform cell-based assays, and eliminate doublets or dead cells in downstream workflows.

Traditional sorters are great for many things, but for single cell cloning in fragile cells there's a better option - the CellRaft AIR™ System. 

Brands: CellRaft™ Technology; CellRaft AIR™ System; CytoSort™ Arrays

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