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Slingshot Biosciences is advancing flow cytometry and hematology with "synthetic cells" that can match the optical, fluorescent, and biochemical features of any cell, in a shelf-stable, non-biohazardous and easily transportable product. Combining advanced chemistry and high precision, on-demand manufacturing, we offer cutting edge innovations in engineered cellular design.

The result is a first-of-its-kind product that allows for single-step instrument calibration, assay controls, and diagnosis without the hassles that are associated with biological controls. Take your cell analysis, blood diagnosis, and cell therapy development standardization to the next level!

FlowCytes utilize a proprietary formulation model that can simulate the optical features of any cell. We can multiplex over 5 feature classes (refractive index, granularity, DNA, fluorescence, and surface markers), making virtually any cell-type/application accessible, in record-time. 

Capabilities of Slingshot’s FlowCytes platform:

  • Instrument calibration of scatter and fluorescence detectors: from manufacturing to the field
  • Stable blood controls for flow cytometry and hematology analyzers
  • Accurate mimic of fluorescently labelled cells, especially in spectral analysis
  • Multiplex biomarkers to match target cell populations
  • Surrogate cell controls for diseases and rare malignancies
  • Advanced customization to design your ideal cell control

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