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Thermo Fisher Scientific is a world leader enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. We develop, design and manufacture the Invitrogen™Attune™ NxT acoustic flow cytometer with Cytkick™autosampler, over 13,000 Invitrogen and eBioscience™antibodies flow cytometry validated antibodies and a comprehensive menu of reagents, including compensation beads and viability reagents. Our goal, to move forward our customer’s research by providing ease and confidence in true data.

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     The CytKick Max Autosampler is for use with
     the Attune NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer. 
     It enables rapid processing of multiple
     samples by automatically analyzing samples 
     from 96- and 384-well plates
     (standard and deep), as well as some custom
     plate types and microfuge tube racks. 

     New Invitrogen™ UltraComp eBeads™ Plus
     Compensation Beads contains in one drop
     both positive and negative beads for
     fluorophores ranging from UV to far red.
     Get tighter CVs and better compensation

Attune NxT Flow Cytometer

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EVOS M7000 Imaging System


Product Categories

Automated Microscopy                         High Throughput Screening                                New Probes and Assays
Biomarkers     Immune Monitoring     Plant Sciences 
Cell Proliferation and Death      ImmunologyRare Event Detection 
Cell-Derived Microvesicles      Immuno-Oncology     Standards and Calibration 
Education     Infectious DiseasesStem Cell and Cell Therapy 
Flow Cytometry Instrumentation              
Live Cell Imaging/Tracking   Tools: Chemical Probes and Fluorescent Proteins 
High Throughput Instrumentation                   
Microbiology and Aquatic Sciences 


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