10x Genomics Commercial Tutorial

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Biological complexity requires technologies to describe and experiment on biological systems at previously inaccessible scale and characterization. Multiomic cytometry is a powerful technique enabling ultra-high parameter cellular phenotyping at single cell resolution. Simultaneously measure hundreds of cell surface epitopes, thousands of mRNA transcripts, antigen receptors and their cognate antigens, and more, cell by cell. 10x Genomics Multiomic Cytometry Solutions feature a fast turnaround time, flexibility to choose whole transcriptome or targeted gene expression, diverse sample compatibility, and an extensive catalog of antibody and antigen specificity reagents from compatible partners. Explore and visualize multiomic data types with easy-to-use data analysis software. Collectively, these capabilities enable discovery of novel cell types, functions, and biomarkers; ultra-high resolution characterization of complex tissue types; identification of rare cell populations; regulatory relationships between genes; and tracking of cell trajectories through development, health, and disease. Join us for this seminar to learn how Single Cell Multiomic Cytometry Solutions from 10x Genomics can help push the boundaries of your research.

Spence Fast

Science & Technology Advisor, 10X Genomics

Patricia Rogers

Associate Director, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

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