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Functional Cell Sorting: Automated Imaging, Sorting, and Isolation of Single Cells, Clonal Colonies, and Organoids
Jessica, Hartman, PhD, Director of Product Applications, Cell Microsystems, Inc.

Contemporary single cell biology experiments typically rely on isolating single cells by flow cytometry, encapsulation in a droplet, or micro-manipulation. These methods limit the ability to maintain viability, actively select individual cells of interest, and discern more meaningful information from each cell. The CellRaft AIR™ System addresses these limitations and enables streamlined workflows in CRISPR gene editing, stem cell biology, 3D cell culture, and single cell multi-modal analysis. The AIR System is a bench-top instrument capable of imaging, sorting, and isolating single cells or clonal colonies for downstream molecular analysis. The system is based on the CellRaft technology and employs CytoSort Arrays - a proprietary cell culture dish designed with an array of embedded, releasable microwells - to culture, propagate, and phenotype cells prior to isolation. These consumable arrays closely replicate standard in vitro conditions, rendering the array an ideal substrate for time-course phenotyping, drug sensitivity assays, and other imaging-based evaluation prior to isolation for expansion or analysis. The system has been shown to be effective in verifying clonality and ensuring doublets/dead cells aren’t carried downstream. For 3D cell culture applications, growth of organoids in Matrigel and subsequent isolation after weeks of culture has been demonstrated on the system. Workflows in cell line development, antibody discovery, and iPSC reprogramming and differentiation are all well-suited to this approach. In this talk, we will introduce the CellRaft technology, discuss how it compares to traditional methods, and show example data for several applications.

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