Coherent Commercial Tutorial

Recorded On: 08/05/2020

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Instrument manufacturers in the life science market are reporting a new trend. New reagents exposed with UV light are expanding the read capability of their instruments and enable new analysis capabilities of cells. This leads to a more commonly use of UV laser wavelengths in instruments e.g. flow cytometers. Coherent addresses the new trend with a novel platform of OBIS XT UV lasers for the instrumentation market. Further information is given on the specifications and performance of these lasers. Given the nature of the wavelength and the current instrument designs new UV lasers for instrumentation must be disruptive compared with standard DPSS laser technology. The talk reviews how the OBIS XT addresses the design demands from instrument manufacturers and how the integration into instruments like flow cytometers is simplified. The talk will end with recommendations on the integration of UV lasers in general and will end with an outlook into future UV products.

Frank Gaebler

Director of Marketing, Coherent

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NOTE: This event is held in Eastern Daylight time (GMT-4)