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Consideration in High Dimension Flow Cytometry Data Analysis
Faris Naji, CEO, Tercen

Flow cytometry is a widely applied approach to exploratory immune profiling and biomarker discovery in healthy or pathological conditions. Flow cytometry uses antibodies tagged with fluorochromes or fluorescent dyes for which novel methods allow up to 50 detection parameters. More recently, an innovative technology using stable metal isotopes instead of fluorochromes has emerged. Mass and spectral cytometry has enabled high dimensional analysis and resulted in new research opportunities and challenges. Scientists can no longer manage with the classical bi-axial gating strategy and they need new algorithms, statistical knowledge, terminology, and tools to develop standard analysis approaches. Tercen tutorial material demonstrates how to use workflows, dimension reduction (e.g. PCA, tSNE, UMAP), clustering (e.g. FlowSOM), and marker metrics (e.g. MEM scores). In addition, Tercen gives users the opportunity to integrate different types of data to high dimensional flow cytometry and boost biomarker discovery. Watch our tutorial and join us on Tercen to learn more about High dimensional Flow Cytometry.

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