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Introducing Amnis® AI – An Image Analysis Software Package Powered by Deep Learning
Vidya Venkatachalam, PhD, Senior Director, Software and Algorithms R&D, Luminex Corporation

The ImageStream® Mk II and FlowSight® imaging flow cytometers deliver objective, quantitative, and statistically significant high-content data. The richness of the image data and the associated features in the IDEAS® Software (SW) provides huge benefits for researchers, but also introduces complexity in data analysis. We address this issue by providing a new software package that leverages image data with sophisticated, deep learning algorithms to provide solutions to complex problems. The SW provides tools for model training with AI-assisted tagging to facilitate the generation of training data sets. It also creates new AI classifiers that can then be used to classify populations of cells in subsequent data sets. With a database architecture optimized to handle large data sets, an interactive image gallery, and comprehensive report generation, the SW provides an intuitive experience for users, enabling a streamlined data analysis workflow. In this workshop, Dr. Vidya Venkatachalam will explain the features of Amnis AI software—including how it simplifies high dimensional image data analysis—and demonstrate its use on cell data that is difficult to analyze using traditional methods.

CMLE Credit: 1.0

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NOTE: This event is held in Eastern Daylight time (GMT-4)