Multi-dimensional flow cytometry

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Agenda and Speakers

Quantitative evaluation of fluorochrome combinations supports highly multiparametric spectral flow cytometry
Huimin Gu, MA/MS, Systems Engineer, CYTEK Biosciences

Cutting out the Middleman: Leveraging clustering tools’ power to circumvent compensation and facilitate complex sorting and analysis
Jack Panopoulos, PhD, Application Scientist, FlowJo/BD Biosciences

Signed, sealed, delivered, its fluors: Pushing the Envelope in Single Cell Inquiry to the Theoretical Maximum in High Parameter Panel Design
Seddon Thomas, PhD, Research Application Scientist, Phitonix, Inc.

High-throughput, high-dimensional flow cytometry pipeline for large human immunophenotyping studies
Thomas Liechti, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, National Institutes of Health

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