Stratocore Commercial Tutorial

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Challenging Times: ensuring ergonomic organization in scientific research facilities with Stratocore
Leonor Heleno Wielgosz, Global Director of Client Relations and Sales, Stratocore

Scientific research depends upon unhindered access to research technologies. This statement was true before COVID-19 and remains so. The public health crisis has brought many research organisations around the world to rethink access to their shared scientific core facilities. The need to ensure safe democratisation of access to technology resources has erased old habits of paper and pen reservation, and compelled digital management solutions. Since 2011 Stratocore has developed PPMS as a definitive cloud based digital resource management solution providing access to scientific core facilities and shared resources for thousands of researchers all around the world. Supporting and delivering globally our services to the scientific community, we will present an overview of how the PPMS software platform can respond to all your scientific resource management needs across the board, now and far into the future.

CMLE Credit: 1.0

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